How to ensure your garden adds value to your home

Most of us have gardens in our homes but we don’t take as good care of them as we should. However, if we knew the benefit of having a beautiful garden in our homes gave us, the way we view our backyards could completely change. Research after research has proven this fact and today, the trend is having a beautiful garden at home if you want to get more pay for it, in case you intend to sell it. So, how does a beautiful garden add value to your home? The following are the ways you can use landscaping to help boost the value of your home.

1. Defining the lawn edges
If you properly mow and edge your lawn, you make it appear less costly in terms of maintenance. It does this by making it have a tamed and restrained look. For people who are selling homes, this is a common selling point. Furthermore, to define your lawn edges, you don’t have to do much. It is simply and easily done by using some of the common tools we have at home such as a spade that has been sharpened.

2. Mulching and weeding
This is another way to make your garden give an impression of low maintenance requirements. The practices of mulching and weeding will make it always appear well kept. Since the look of the home must appeal to the buyer’s eyes, it is better to go for the utility mulches and not the typical mulches. They are much neater and that is what most home buyers will be looking for. Again if your garden is full of weeds, your home will be less desirable. So, ensure you constantly weed and mulch at the right time.

3. Conservative pruning
Pruning makes the potential buyer feel that the home is well cared for and maintained. However, you must ensure that you carry out this practice conservatively so as not to make the garden look bare. Do it right and you will achieve the aim of making your home appear tidy and well kept. The result is an added value of the home.

4. Lower the number of plant species
In a home, uniformity is a huge selling point. You can achieve this by planting a limited number of species of the garden plants. Also, the buyer will know that the maintenance required for a garden with limited plant species is low. This doesn’t mean that you need to overdo it. Biodiversity is also important if your plants have to be healthy. So, ensure the number of species is just enough. Not too many and not too few.

5. Have a decent-sized shed
This is one of the garden features that will add a lot of value to your home. Most of the stakeholders in the property field agree that a shed that is large enough to store your garden essentials (lawn mower, BBQ & tools etc) but not so large that it takes up a large portion of your garden will not only be seen as a useful feature but will also be a key factor when someone is viewing a garden.

Garden shed

6. Use plants to overcome shortfalls
If your home has busy roads close by or overlooking neighbourhood, you can plant-out a beautiful garden. This will help in addressing the concerns that a buyer may have regarding lack of privacy and interferences, it is always nice to have a little piece of tranquillity in your back garden. The beautiful plants can take the mind away from these thoughts and have them overlook these aspects of the home.

Adding a value to a home with a beautiful garden is a practice that has been in existence for a while now. If you take the time to make small improvements to your garden it will benefit you twofold.

  1. While you are living there you will be able to enjoy the beautiful, relaxing aspects of your garden. Everyone loves to relax or entertain in their garden after a long week at work.
  2. If you keep your garden in good shape then when you eventually do move out you will be making sure you get the most for your property sale as you possibly can. No one like the idea of having to sort out a messy garden & when they see a tidy, well-kept garden they can imagine themselves there in the future.

While you can do all these fixes yourself & you can keep on top of your gardening, ideally hiring a professional landscaper to initially design and fit your garden is the best plan. This is due to the fact that they have so much more experience & will know exactly what will work and how to make sure you get the most from your garden. Some landscape gardeners will also come out to do regular up-keep if you don’t really have the necessary green fingers!


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