Fence Installation: why you should get a new fence

Here at Oakview Landscaping we know a lot about landscaping (hence the name!), there are some things that people don’t really consider when planning their new garden. One of these factors is if they need to replace their old or have a new fence installed. There are many purposes served by fences, especially on your private property.

You could try installing a fence yourself but it is definitely easier & worth the small cost to get this done professionally.  When we come out to install a fence you can rest assured that it will stand the test of time and you will not have any issues due to weather etc, this is something you can not be certain of if you try this yourself. You will definitely be able to reap all the amazing benefits offered by a properly constructed fence. It’s important to note that not just anyone is capable of making you a fence to offer all these benefits. Hire the services of Oakview Landscaping to do the job for you and start realising the following benefits from your fence:

1. A great source of security
Insecurity comes in a long list of forms, from intruders to unwanted animals. For you to be able to live peacefully in your own home, it’s important that you feel secure. When a potential intruder notices a fence that has been professionally installed, they instantly know that this present more issues than other places, so this has the chance to deter them. If you wanted proper security fencing to be set up then this can either be made from vinyl, wood or metal, among other materials. This would mainly be for business’ and this would heighten the level of security. The higher the fence, the more secure it is, this also helps in keeping out unwanted animals. Apart from additional physical security measures, an alarm system can profoundly make your property more secure.

2. Aesthetic purposes
A neatly and skillfully installed fence can result in a well-decorated garden or property. The fence is a great way to add style and prestige to your property. At Oakview Landscaping we are able to make a fence ornamental and use it to take on an appearance of styles from different eras and places. This is because the choices of materials used for fencing can be numerous. It can be made to perfectly match your preference and the style of your home. It’s, therefore a great way to curb appeal and add value to your property.

3. Increased privacy
Privacy is one of the top reasons for fencing. Maybe your property is located in a place where a lot of people pass by. In order to maintain the ambience of your property and home, you contact us to help install a fence for you. Using a fence for extra privacy is the surest way of dealing with such issues. Further, you may need to sell your property sooner or later. With a fence, the privacy levels will attract potential buyers and a higher price at that.

4. Children’s safety and that of pets
Children and pets love to run around. However, if not restricted by any kind of boundaries, they can run into areas where they may not be safe at all. For instance, if your property is nearby a busy street, their safety is not guaranteed at all. By fencing, they are kept within the property boundaries and this keeps them safe. Even the pets of your neighbours may wander into your property if you do not have a fence in place. You can even have a fence constructed to specifically contain your pets if needed. fence under construction

5. Defines the property boundaries
Defining the boundaries of your property is important. You can have a fence constructed along the boundaries of your property to avoid possible squabbles with neighbours. This keeps arguments to a minimum regarding who owns what land & who has to carry our repairs etc.

Well, now you know why it’s extremely important to have a fence around your property. However, some of these benefits can only be met by getting the professionals in, this is what we are here for! Contact Oakview Landscaping today and we will help you design and then create your beautiful dream garden.

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