Top 10 Landscaping Ideas

The Landscape of a home can really ‘make or break’ the feel and the aesthetics of the home. The landscape can also create a focal point within the home in which you can entertain guests or raise the value of the property. Using the space that you have at your disposal is key to determining what you can implement into your landscaping design. Whether you want to create a small simple Zen-like space or whether you want to create a pathway through your land with flowers and other plant-life either side of you.

Sleek Patio Ideas

The sleek patio design often lends itself to smaller spaces as it is very space efficient. With the main feature of this design being the stained wooden patio contrasting against other modern features (such as glass or modern waterfall sculptures) really brings out the richness of the wood. Mix this with ambient lighting and the sparing use of rich greenery. This style of landscaping is perfect for people who are looking to enjoy their garden without focusing on maintenance due to the little greenery.

 Sleek patio

Country Cottage

The Country Cottage design is what you probably think it is. Vast greens, vibrant colours and maybe a small feature or two in the centre. Combine that with an old-style brick path and you can create a truly traditional environment. The vibrant and almost overwhelming use of colours and plant-life can really bring an old home back to life and becomes a strong conversation piece. This style of landscaping doesn’t say to people that you’re are stuck in the past, but that you are focused on life with the intentions to have fun.

Traditional Garden with a bench tableLow-Water Landscape Ideas

For many property owners, time is a gift that doesn’t come around too often (at least not as much as they would want it to). So, to landscape, their garden to require as little maintenance as possible can really help them make the most of their spare time. Pebbles tend to be used in replacement of grass, with large slabs or rocks being used to create a pathway throughout the garden. Plant life can be implemented into this design, however, tends to be used sparingly just to add a little bit of colour to the property.

Low water gardenExtravagant Features

Homeowners who are interesting in making a statement about their wealth or are interested in making an ever-lasting impression to anyone lucky enough to walk into their garden will possibly opt for this landscaping idea. The extravagant feature can be something such as a large water fountain, waterfall, sculpture or even artwork made from plant life.

Large Water Fountain in Luxury GardenNatural Features

A natural feature could be something as simple as a tree in the centre of the land or a natural pond. Property owners tend to make these features of the landscape a key point in their design. With the design around these features being used to contrast and compliment the feature to enhance its place within the landscape.

Deck chairs overlooking pondGarden Secrets

With the use of a Pergola and a lot of plant life, you can create your own little secret within your property. The plant life and Pergola can create natural living walls and a roof which can be used to make your own little sitting area separate from the rest of your garden for more privacy. Or this technique of using Pergolas and plant-life can be used to create a private pathway with a beautiful scenery.

Pergola PathwayOutdoor Room

Maybe you feel like there aren’t enough rooms in the actual house for you to enjoy? Or maybe you just want a room with a view? Well extending your home to the outdoors is always an option. With sofa seating outside you feel as if you have all the space in the world. Plus, your outdoor room is already decorated with features such as water features and plant life. Just add a large umbrella for a bit of shade and your new room has been created. Maybe even add a barbeque too and you have your outdoor kitchen!

Outdoor RoomEntertaining Guests

The landscaping in your house isn’t just for yourself. You might want people to come around for a party and where else is a better place to be than outdoors in an area big enough for everyone, with enough seating for everyone. Maybe even add a barbeque to add to the experience of your guests.

Outdoor Garden TableBuilding Bridges

Whether you have a little stream, pond or want to connect the landscape design together with a short walkway, a bridge is a perfect solution to your problems. Aesthetically a bridge can adapt to multiple different appearances. Whether you are looking at a traditional design or a modern sleek design

Wooden bridge in gardenThe ‘Junk Garden’

A popular feature of the traditional garden is to use old items such as bikes and wheelbarrows to create the artistic centrepiece of the garden. This approach gives the property owners the freedom to simply remove the feature if no longer wanted, the freedom to interchange the plant life used on the feature and the ability to add to the feature. This look gives the impression that time has stopped, and that nature is trying to take over once again. A classic look for the traditional design.

Overgrown Bike

With the ideas presented on this blog, you can go out and really create your perfect design. No matter the complexity, we here at Oakview Landscaping have a team of eager professionals ready on hand to talk about your design and ideas. We are here to create your vision.

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