What flowers to plant in Autumn?

There is no better time of the year than Autumn if you want to carry out an overhaul of your garden design. It’s the perfect time to find out what will and what won’t work for you and for your garden. You have some of the most colourful plants to fill the available gaps. Because this is the month when life can be the hardest for the garden plants, this is due to the harsh summer sun and heat making your plants dehydrated. During summer it’s a great idea to keep watering your garden plants until they’ve fully established. There are flowers that are able to stand out the harsh conditions and provide your garden with the look that you desire. The following are some of the summer flowers you should consider:

1. Poppy Bridal White

These pure white poppies are often referred to as rarely-seen. Poppy Bridal White is a single colour flowering plant that has a high level of purity. When sown in the month of Autumn, Poppy Bridal White poppies have the capacity to make a dramatic display to your garden.

White poppy

2. California Poppy (Sun Shades)

For a bold summer display, why not have yellow blooms and bright fiery orange colours above foliage that’s ferny and blue or green in colour. These summer flowers are hardy and are tough enough to survive dry soil. They are annual flowers that are dainty and hardy flower species suited for harsh weather conditions like those of Autumn. Their flowers are papery and have the ability to attract hoverflies and bees. They make excellent cut flowers if short-lived. In borders and beds, California Poppies are relatively easy to grow. Alternatively, they can be left to form natural drifts if let to self-seed all through the gravel of the garden. Generally, these flower species are easy to sow and to care for throughout their growth.

3. Corn Flower (Blue Diadem)

This is an annual has an unforgettable impact in most gardens as always. They were once a common sight dotting cornfields for an intense azure blue. They’re currently suited for being summer flowers for borders and grassy meadows. They are also ideal for cutting, thanks to their ruffled blooms and tall stems that are wiry. With their blooms that are rich in nectar, they attract butterflies and bees.

4. Calendula officinalis (Candyman Orange)

This is one of the longest double pot and flowering marigold. They are often sturdy, multi-branching, dwarf and give luminous booms that can brighten summer containers and borders. The flowers of calendula Candyman orange are daisy-like and are good for cutting. They are edible flowers that can be added to salads. They survive in almost any garden condition and even in areas at the coast. So they are almost perfect for any garden design at any point during the year.

5. Buddleia

During Autumn, Buddleia’s shines. Therefore, for butterfly flowers, it’s one of the best flowers that can be planted. However, to keep flowers coming, the ones that start to turn brown are spent and therefore should be removed. This also ensures that unwanted seedlings don’t spring up.


6. Heleniums

The petals of Heleniums come in orange, foxy red and yellow shades. They have middles that are velvet-like making them very colourful daisies. However, in this category of flowers, there’s a big range of flowers that blossom at different times of the year but Heleniums often blossom later.


These are some of the best summer flowers to consider if you want to carry out an overhaul of your home garden design. They are able to survive the summer conditions without much stress.

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