How to Make a Small Garden Feel that Bit Bigger | Landscaping

Struggling to find inspiration and ideas for your small garden? Then look no further, we have compiled some amazing tips and tricks to make that loved small space seem that bit bigger. Those small gardens have so much potential and with these tricks and tips, you can optimise that space to the best of its potential. Preparation is key, make sure your garden is ready, clear all debris and dirt that’s not needed. Keep your eye out for hidden gems, the inspiration for a renovation DIY can hit you at any second.

Keeping Tree’s Dainty

Having big thick trees in your garden can reduce the light and take up a large sum of the garden. By using smaller, more dainty trees still pull the eyes upwards to create the illusion of a larger garden and hardly takes up any space, and blends in nicely with other smaller plants. The smaller trees allow more light to fill the garden and create a fresh atmosphere.

Paint the Shed

The dreaded shed, the dumping ground for anything that is wanted out of sight; bikes, tools, furniture. These sheds are more than often coated in a brown, black, grey or green paint, these colours create a dark, dirty feel to your garden. By giving your sheds a fresh lick of paint in a lighter brighter colour creates a more attractive feature in your garden. Even though we both know it’s filled with those ‘waiting to go to the tip’ items, that will never be taken.

Create a Living Wall

Living walls were a very big trend in 2018, and a wonderful piece to add to any garden. Not only are the create for Instagram photos, but they keep the floor decluttered and allow more garden space. This is a great way to keep your garden looking green and fresh, while also allowing you to optimise the space you have.  


Everyone loves a colourful garden full of fresh flowers and funky features, but there’s a point in which this becomes a bit excessive. Allow yourself to buy and paint things with fun colours, but just remember to cross the line, this is where it starts to recreate a child’s paint box. A great way to control this is by having a colour palette selected before renovation begins, this allows you to work with the colours you would like at an acceptable level.

The Magic of Mirrors

By placing mirrors around your garden, it gives the illusion that it’s twice the size, it reflects more light into your garden. Reflects the beautiful images of the plants and wildlife that may grow around your garden.

Two mirrors on the garden wall with two decorative water elements in front of this wall

Fold up Furniture

Having furniture in your garden is a necessity for most, but not always possible for some if their gardens are too small. Fold up furniture is a great alternative for anyone, it allows you to enjoy sitting in your garden, admiring all your hard work but to hide it away when you’re not using it. The best of both worlds!

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