How Fencing Can Improve the Landscape of Your Garden

Gardens; full of nature, peaceful settings and a wonderful space to spend time with family and friends. Having a beautiful, peaceful garden is a great feature in any home. Not only do they increase the value of your property but they’re a great place to escape from the busy and hectic cities. No matter the size of your green space, it’s important to make the most of them.

Why use a fence in your garden?

The main key feature of having fencing in your garden is privacy. Everyone needs privacy, you may not want to sit relaxing with a drink, or have your children playing in the garden with people looking in as they walk past, would you?

There are many other advantages to fencing, for example, security and keeping your furry friends safe. If you have pets you know that they need a lot of exercise, allowing 24/7 access would be a great idea but how do you make sure they’re safe all the time? That’s right, fencing. Having fencing placed around the whole of the garden is a great way to make sure your beloved pets can’t go on a secret adventure. Security is another great feature of fencing, it keeps those valuables from the views of prying eyes. Although we wish we could trust everyone, unfortunately, that’s not the case. In this day in age, people will do anything for those pricy items or valuables. Fencing is a great way to limit what people may see whilst they pass by, It also reduces the access points of which they may be able to get to your home. This allows you as the homeowner to monitor those access points with more care.

How to know what type of fence to use?

When purchasing fencing you shouldn’t want to create a claustrophobic atmosphere. If you have a garden on the smaller side you should consider a fence that will make the garden feel open, instead of boxing it in. A shorter fence would be a viable option.

If you have a full, busy garden filled with flowers, trees, tables, sheds etc. having a fence that limits the light into your garden could cause it to feel cramped and dark. We would suggest a fence that consists of standard fence panels topped with trellis or lattice-style fence panels. This allows light to flood your garden whilst adding that sense of security and privacy.

cross fencing with green bush in background

For the larger sized gardens/fields, with rolling views and an open feel, a picket fence or post and rail is a great idea. Whilst this doesn’t add a sense of privacy or security, it allows those rolling views to stay whilst dividing your garden and bordering the land. 

If you were to decorate your garden fences, we recommend you do your research beforehand, this will prevent using the wrong type of paint, damaging the wood. Fences are a good way to surround your yard, not only to keep your kids or pets safe but also make it look better, create some good design for your garden and make that private space of yours a more enjoyable one. To find out how we can help with your fencing and landscaping requirement, feel free to get in touch.


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